While progress has been made, the statistics still bare the hard truth that we are a long way from workplace equity.


of CEOs in FORTUNE'S TOP 500 Companies are women

(53 women)

Women earn 83 cents out of every dollar earned by men

(Closing the gap)

CEO positions in the Fortune 500 occupied by women of color

(Insufficient Progress)


of men think women are well represented in leadership roles

(Raising the bar)

Our Vision

  • Everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, ability, or sexual orientation should have equal rights, opportunity and access.
  • Inclusion and equality should be celebrated.
  • We must ensure people feel comfortable to bring their authentic selves to work every day.
  • People in positions of power must use their platforms to advance positive change.

Our Purpose

To promote

equality, access, and inclusion

To Advocate

for equal pay for equal work

To support

organizations that align with our vision

To partner

with leaders who are making positive change

BJKLI Launches Demand IX Campaign

BJKLI Launches Demand IX Campaign

Coordinated by the Title IX Anniversary Coalition, a group composed of Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative, National Women’s Law Center, Women’s Sports Foundation and other key youth and community leaders, Demand IX is working with a number of organizations to increase the pace of change toward equity and fairness for all.

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Darden @IBiS_Darden partnered with the @BillieJeanKing Leadership Initiative (@BJKLInitiative) to produce 10 case studies on topics including women in leadership, inclusion, access & opportunity. The first case is now available from @DardenCases!

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"Life's most persistent and urgent question is,

'What are you doing for others?'"

May the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior live on within each of us.


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